Families Lost In The Clutter:

Support for Those Touched by Hoarding

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Are you concerned about a family member who collects excessively?

Are you frustrated that your family member can’t get a handle on the clutter?

Do you want to learn how help with organizing and decluttering?

Do you feel like these things take control of your life?

Do you need help in dealing with all this stuff?

Elspeth Bell, Ph.D., a hoarding specialist, offers a focused 4-week psychoeducational and support group exclusively for family members of those who clutter. This group uses research-supported Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) strategies to examine:

  • the elements of hoarding behaviors,

  • the impact that these behaviors and the clutter have on others, and

  • the options available to family members.

Also included in this group are:

  • Support for those touched by the hoarding behaviors

  • Identifying resources for everyone involved in the cluttered situation

  • Maintaining Balance and Boundaries

This group is open to friends and family members only.

To register for this group or to request further information regarding Hoarding Disorder and clutter-related services, please contact Dr. Bell.