Decisions, Indecision, & Clutter

A “Challenging Clutter” Mini-Group

DATES TBA – Please inquire if interested

Elspeth Bell, Ph.D. offers a focused 4-week psychoeducational group for individuals who struggle with making decisions as part of clutter-related behaviors. This focused group examines the elements of the decision-making process and how to stay on-track when immersed in a cluttered environment. The group uses research-supported Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) strategies to answer:

  • What is the decision-making process?

  • How do you organize and approach your decision-making?

  • What questions do you ask yourself?

  • How do you keep track of the decisions you’ve made?

  • What resources can be put in place to help streamline the process

  • How do you make decisions “in the moment”?

  • Is it possible to anticipate the decisions that will need to be made?

This group assumes a fundamental knowledge about challenging clutter, hoarding, and cognitive behavioral treatments. It is open to individuals who have completed Dr. Bell’s “Challenging Clutter” group or who have participated in other therapy services that focus on cluttering behaviors.

To register for this group or to request further information regarding Hoarding Disorder and clutter-related services, please contact Dr. Bell.