The Bell Center for Anxiety and Depression is located at:

5850 Waterloo Road
Suite 140
Columbia, MD 21045

Telephone: (410) 480-8052

Mobile: (443) 766-3699

Fax: (410) 480-7081

E-Mail:  info (at)

Twitter:  @ElspethBellPhD

Instagram: elspethbellphd

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By sending a message to the Bell Center for Anxiety and Depression (BCAD), you agree and understand that because e-mail communications will not be encrypted and will travel over the Internet, there is a risk that messages sent to or from BCAD may be intercepted and read by unauthorized third parties. BCAD cannot guarantee the privacy, security, or confidentiality of e-mail communications. E-mail communications should be limited to non-urgent and non-sensitive issues, such as scheduling and basic logistics. If you think you need immediate medical attention or are in crisis, please contact your health care provider by phone, call 911, or go to a hospital emergency room immediately.

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