Parenting Anxious Children

4-Week Group for Understanding Your Child’s Anxiety

& Helping to Overcome Fears

Group now forming – Dates and Times TBA

Why is my child so anxious?
As a parent, what can I do to help?


Dr. Indra López, Psy.D., offers the foundation to understanding anxiety and its major causes, with specific attention to the manifestation of anxiety in children. This group will help parents with implementing several key strategies to assist their children in the management of anxiety symptoms.

Session 1     All About Anxiety – Understanding Anxiety Disorders and Major Causes
Session 2     Understanding My Child’s Anxiety – Identifying child’s personality styles, behaviors associated with anxiety, and triggers
Session 3     How can I help my child? – Developing strategies to reduce symptoms
Session 4     Promoting healthy coping skills at home and in other environments.  Planning for keeping the progress.


Seats are limited, so please reserve your spot by October 12th!Fees: $400 for the 4-session group. Check with your insurance about possible coverage.
To register for this group or to request further information, please call Dr. Lopez at 410-480-8052