Motivation Over Mess

A 4-Week Group for Creating Change in Your Cluttered Spaces

DATES TBA – Please inquire if interested

Wednesday Evenings from 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Get PUMPED to DUMP your excess stuff!

Feel REVVED to SHRED that paper!

It’s OKAY to let some things GO AWAY!


Elspeth Bell, Ph.D., a hoarding specialist, incorporates MOTIVATION BUILDING techniques with her in-depth understanding of excessive clutter to help individuals get ENERGIZED to CHALLENGE their clutter interferes with their lives.  This group uses research-supported Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Motivational Interviewing (MI) strategies to:

  • educate about types of motivation,
  • understand the reasons why there doesn’t seem to be motivation,
  • build an internal conversation that is constructive not undermining,
  • and create strategies to coach yourself to face a cluttered environment.


Topics addressed include:

  • Finding reasons to declutter that are in line with your priorities
  • Building your readiness to change how you relate to your stuff
  • Collaborating with others to help reach your goals
  • Developing compassion for yourself
  • Strategies for letting go and getting organized


Seats are limited so please reserve your spot by December 31st!

Fees: $400 for the 4-session group. Check with your insurance about possible coverage.

To register for this group or to request further information regarding Hoarding Disorder and clutter-related services, please call Dr. Bell at 410-480-8052