Scheduling Appointments

To schedule an initial appointment, please contact Dr. Bell directly at  (410) 480-8052.

Please complete all New Client Forms prior to your first session and bring them to your first appointment. The completion of these forms will allow for more time spent together with you rather than focusing on paperwork.

Should you have any questions prior to your first appointment, please contact the Bell Center for assistance.


Fees and Payments

The Bell Center for Anxiety and Depression is a fee-for-service practice, accepting checks, cash, and credit cards.

The Bell Center does not participate with any insurance programs and is considered out-of-network.  The Bell Center will provide the appropriate documentation so that clients may submit claims to their insurance companies.  It is strongly encouraged that new clients check with their insurance companies prior to the first appointment to determine what out-of-network benefits they may have.

Dr. Bell has opted-out of Medicare.  Clients with Medicare may receive services from Dr. Bell but will not be able to submit to Medicare for any reimbursement.  They may submit to their secondary insurance programs for reimbursement if they have out-of-network benefits through this plan.

For individuals with TRICARE, CHAMPVA, or US Family Health Plan as a primary or secondary insurance, Dr. Bell is an authorized provider who is non-network and non-participating. Dr. Bell bills “above the 115 percent limit” allowable through these plans. Individuals with this coverage must first be granted a Waiver for Balanced Billing Limitations by their insurer before receiving services from Dr. Bell. Dr. Bell can assist in the application for a Waiver for Balanced Billing Limitations from the insurer.  Dr. Bell cannot provide services until this request is authorized and a copy is provided to Dr. Bell prior to the first visit.

For further details, please refer to the Client Services and Consent Agreement.


Client Resources

Homework is an integral part of CBT.  Bell Center therapists often assign therapeutic homework to be completed independently between appointments.  If you misplace your print-out or need an additional copy, this password protected page has many of these worksheets available.  Please contact your therapist for the password.